Fabrica de Ambalaje Cartonate

Fabrica de Ambalaje Cartonate currently has over 500 unique approved products, benchmarks that are made from various types of cardboard and through various processes.

The most common products obtained from the technological process are:

  • Boxes with classic closure (boxes with 4-way closure, American, code FEFCO 0201), generically called collective boxes;

  • Self-forming boxes (whether they are totally self-forming or only partially, glued or not, a matrix is usually used for their execution), generically called individual boxes;

  • Simple or grid-type dividers;

  • Simple trays or with dividers for the product;

  • Corner protections of various sizes and heights to protect the corners of the pallets;

  • Separator plates used to stiffen the palletization;

  • Filing boxes;

  • Protective boxes;

  • Storage boxes;;

  • Pizza boxes;

  • BAG IN BOX boxes.

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