Fabrica de Ambalaje Cartonate

Who we are

Our activity has grown up, developed constantly through diversification and expansion.
Fabrica de Ambalaje Cartonate

What we do

We produce over 500 unique approved products.
Fabrica de Ambalaje Cartonate

Why us

Because we are a Protected Unit and we support people with disabilities.

Protected unit

We produce corrugated cardboard packaging supporting the integration of people with disabilities

The Protected Unit Statute defines an economic operator with legal personality and self-management, which employs at least 3 people with disabilities/disabled degree III, representing at least 30% of the total number of employees, and the cumulative working time of disabled people / disabled grade III to represent at least 50% of the total working time of all employees.



20 years of experience and exclusive relationships with our partners

Through dedication and continuous improvement, we ensure the design, production and delivery of packaging made of corrugated cardboard, regardless of the required quantity.

Driven by passion and determination, we strongly believe in the power of the group, which is why we believe that team and lasting partnerships are essential.


Efficiency, performance and reliability

We produce packaging with a high degree of automation and high productivity

Our advantages lie in the use of state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions, which ensure a short execution time, productive use of raw materials and energy resources.

Flexibility and modulated production

Our packaging can be manufacture regardless of the requested print run, custom made and adapted to everyone's needs.

By manufacturing product samples, we meet our partners with immediate solutions for a guaranteed presentation of the products. We minimize both risks and production costs by ensuring that our packaging has maximum efficiency, adapted to each requirement.